If You Knew There Was A Way To Ease Your Passing For Your Loved Ones, Would You Do It?

Most people answer "yes" without a second thought.  But how do you accomplish this?  Pre-planning is a simple way to help your loved ones navigate through what can be a complicated time.  


Pre-Plan for Your Loved Ones

Pre-planning for your own passing, including your wishes and wants for your funeral, memorial, burial, and more, will make things easier on your family and friends when you are gone. 

When you make these choices and make your wishes known, this eliminates hard decisions for the people you leave behind, when sadness and grieving will only make it more difficult for them.

People who pre-plan give their families confidence in planning funerals and ceremonies, which eases their minds and relieves their stress. This is a wonderful last gift to give the people you love.

Pre-Plan for Yourself

When you pre-plan, you also do it for yourself and your own peace of mind.

You get to choose the services, burial, and memorial that feel right to you and fit with your personality. In a way, you get to choose how you will be remembered, and this is a powerful decision.

You can highlight the things you love, the people you love, or the events in your life that you feel defined you. You can focus on beloved pets, your favorite books, or a song that touched you. Highlight your heritage, your family tree, or your unique culture.

Pre-Plan to Be Remembered

At Mount Shasta Memorial Chapel & Park, we want to help you be remembered in your own unique way. We can be there for you as you plan to provide comfort to those you leave behind.

You can also choose memorial gifts you would like to give to special people after you are gone, like small heirlooms or sentimental objects (photos, jewelry, figurines, books, letters, and more are wonderful examples).