A memorial for your loved one is one of the most important aspects of planning.

A memorial gives you a concrete place or object to go to for remembrance. It can sum up or reflect the person you loved, or the life they lived.  

When planning a memorial, think about their personality. What made your loved one special? What made them unique? What did they love? What made them happy? What inspired them, or what put a spring in their step?  All of these wonderful aspects of that person can be used when designing/choosing their memorial.

Memorial Options: Helping You to Remember Your Loved One

There are lots of options for memorials, but only a few are right for your special person. 

Memorial Markers

A traditional choice, memorial markers can stand upright or be flat, not to mention be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. Inscriptions, quotes, and sayings personalize the marker even further.


Mausoleums provide above-ground entombment, an alternative to below-ground burial. Mausoleums can be large or small, grand or simple, and, if you wish, private (for your family members alone).

Family Estates

Another private option, family estates are where family members can be buried together in a private area.

Your loved one’s memorial can additionally be placed in a spot that has meaning for you and your family. It can simply be a peaceful place with beautiful surroundings, or it can tie into a favorite setting or piece of nature.

At Mount Shasta Memorial Chapel & Park, we have serene gardens, towering pines that frame natural scenery, and lovely green lawns with views of Mount Shasta.

We can help you choose the perfect memorial that encapsulates your loved one, not to mention what they meant to you.