The Ceremony Should Feel Just Right


Funeral ceremonies and memorials serve good purposes – they help you honor a loved one as well as move through the difficult terrain of grief.

This is why it is so important to choose the right ceremony for you and your family, not for anyone else.

The right ceremony feels right. It helps you express loss while also celebrating a life. Luckily, Mount Shasta Memorial Chapel & Park can help you get there.

We can assist you every step of the way, which in turn helps you move on.


The Ceremony Should Celebrate Your Loved One

It should reflect that special person as well as the relationship you shared with them. This can take many forms and be expressed in many ways. It should help you and your family to remember the good times, and help you hold on to these memories as talismans to cherish.

Some examples of ceremony options include:

  • Church Service
  • Visitation
  • Custom Printing
  • Graveside Service
  • Memorial Website
  • Chapel Service
  • Memorial Service
  • Unique Gathering


Our Funeral Services Will Personalize Your Loved One’s Ceremony

With Mount Shasta Memorial Chapel & Park, the options for personalizing your loved one’s ceremony are virtually limitless.

You choose the time of day, the type of service, the right memorial, and the best resting place. 

Here are just a few of your options: 

  • Choose a traditional burial in one of our lovely, peaceful locations on the grounds, such as the Garden of Peace or the Garden of Devotion.

  • Pick the right memorial marker, gravestone, or mausoleum, or choose cremation.

  • Choose how to personalize your ceremony with music, photos, beloved objects, stories, and more.

Our staff is ready and waiting to help you solidify beautiful memories of a beloved person. We can help you choose the right ceremony for your loved one, your family, and your process of healing.